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Saturday, February 9, 2013

100 Days Smarter

Friday marked our 100th day of school.  Each student brought in a collection of 100 items and presented their treasures to the class. It was a fun afternoon that marked the fact that we are all 100 days smarter.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

More Action!

I promised that I would be posting more of my student's Action. I just can't express enough how proud I am of their spirit of inquiry and their enthusiasm for learning. 

When we started this unit we read Galileo's Journal by Jeanee K. Pettanti. 

After reading we made a list together of  characteristics that we thought described Galileo. Many of the Learner Profile Attitudes and Attributes of the PYP came up. At the end of the discussion I shared my thoughts with them and asked them if they thought that Galileo was Curious. I challenged my students to be more curious, to find more enthusiasm and to make discoveries. Now wonder I am so proud of them!

This is our Action wall. When a student takes action and bring in evidence of that action his/her picture is placed on the wall (window). If their action is something that can be displayed on the wall we hang it up. Here are some examples of posters that students have made at home:

Other students have shown Action by finding a book at home and bringing it into the classroom to share. Armaan even brought us a huge map of the Solar System to hang up during our unit. 

Other students find a more hands on approach to action. Amish brought in a Solar Eclipse Model that he made all by himself out of a shoebox. It even had a little battery operated light inside to represent the light of the sun. Well done Amish!

Are you impressed yet? I know I am!! I can't wait for our mini-exhibition after the holidays. 

Monday, February 4, 2013

Action, Action and more Action

As we are coming to the end of our Solar System unit my students are busy completing projects and preparing for our exhibition. 
Many of them have also been working hard at home taking action and continuing their learning independently.
I want to share some of this action over the next couple of days.

This morning I arived in my classroom and was surprised to see an incredible Sun, Earth and Moon model.

Here are some pictures of Kyle's model.

In an impromptu lesson he used the model to demonstrate the phases of the moon as well as the movement of the Earth around the Sun.

Well done Kyle!