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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Great idea from: Pammy Loves...: A Little Encouragement

Last year I taught at a Tittle 1 school in New Mexico. It was just about this time of year when my 2nd graders were asked to prepare a little encouragement for their 3rd grade buddies taking the "big" state test.  This is what we made.  Although I don't teach in a school that does standardized testing I wanted to share this with you anyway. Maybe this someone can use this idea to cheer up some nervous test takers.  Please share if you have a great activity that you use. 
Happy Teaching!  
Miss Pam

Click the link below to see the complete post!

Pammy Loves...: A Little Encouragement: It's that time of year where the atmosphere at most schools changes drastically.  The students and their teachers are on edge and under a tr...

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