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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I do, We do, You do

I do
We do
You do

Are you familiar with this teaching technique? Have you used it?  I have and I absolutely love it!

It’s really simple and most of us are probably doing it already.  It is a wonderful scaffolded approach to teaching any subject and I find that just by adding the thought to my lesson plans I make sure I follow through.

It’s very basic.  If I’m teaching my students how to graph a set of data for example, I do it first.  In other words I model the task and explain it as I do.  Next, we do another example together.  I work on the board and they work on their own little dry erase boards.  Then they do!  I know it sounds really simple but it can be easy to skip one of the steps especially when we are in a hurry to fit things into our day. 

I take a quick moment to check my entire lesson plans for the day to make sure I have all three steps planned out.  I will say that there is times when I skip the first step and have them try to solve a problem or brainstorm a solution on their own.  I will, however, come right back to the beginning after we have made the connection that I was looking for. 

This can also be applied more macro than micro (if that makes sense).  Let me explain. You know I use centers for my literacy instruction.  I do mini lessons with my class on different aspects of reading and writing and they practice in their centers.  So I do is the whole group instruction (mini lesson), We do is done during guided reading in small groups and You do is their individual work in their daily centers. 

I would love to know how you use this teaching strategy in your classroom!

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