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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Read with me!

My students love to read! This thrills me. I often find them before school starts with their noses in books and sharing information they have discovered with each other.  One way that we try to encourage reading for pleasure is to read with our pre-k book buddies.  What I find most refreshing is that even those children who struggle the most with reading are suddenly more confident and try their very best to read to their partner. 

Here are a few pictures of the kids reading with their buddies. 

Another tool that I use to encourage reading is by making it a priority in our Literacy work.  In our class we try to do centers every day for 40 to 60 minutes.  Each child has a center checklist that they complete throughout the week and turn in on Friday.  The best part, in my opinion, is that they are learning to work independently and to be responsible for their work until it is turned in at the end of the week.  Two key attributes of the PYP learner profile...independent and responsible.  =0)
You can find this checklist and download it for free at my teacher store

Reading is the passport to opportunity. It takes your child places they may never get to see or experience otherwise.  Part of developing open-minded and tolerant students is the use of rich and wonderful literature.  So keep reading with your kids!!

Until Next time!

Miss Pam

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